Top 5 Influential Instagram accounts to follow!

5. KENZIE BRENNA – @omgkenzieee
—> Body positivity & Self love <—

“I’m realising I am more than my appearance/outer shell. I have a heart, mind and soul that are just waiting to experience the world.
No amount of fat/skin/veins on my body will stop any of that.”

This account was the easiest to pick out of the lot. I’ve been following Kenzie for just over a year now and the positivity and love that radiates from her account from each and every one of her posts is insane. She created an incredible social media movement called #cellulitesaturdays. She inspires through each one of her posts showing us that loving ourselves is the best way to live. Every single picture is a window into reality, no filters, no cover ups. What you see is the truth. And honestly, that exactly what this world needs more of.


4. MURAD & NATALY OSMANN – @muradosmann & @natalyosmann
Travel/Photography <–

“I want to be the only hand you ever need to hold”

Couple goals; photo goals; travel goals.
Join this beautiful picturesque couple as they travel far and wide hand in hand, stopping to take their iconic #followmeto snaps in exquisite locations all over the world. From Varanasi to Normandy. From Moscow to Singapore. This couple brings out the vibrant colours of all the cities they travel to and they will be sure to bring pops of colour and wanderlust to your Instagram feed!


3. THE GOOD QUOTE – @thegoodquote
–>motivational/lifestyle quotes<–

“Only you can control your own happiness. No one can give it to you or take it away. Its yours to create in any moment.”
– Lewis Howes

So many of us check our phones first thing in the morning. I cannot tell you how refreshing and motivating it is to see a bomb quote to start off your day. It gives you such a boost and fires you up for the day ahead. That is why @thegoodquote is a must follow account when it comes to Instagram! They have the best quotes in store about everything and anything. Relationships to success. Fitness to failures. The good quote has got you covered.



2. LILY KAZAKOVA – @lilylikecom

–> lifestyle/inspo<–

“Work hard to achieve your goals. Then you will blossom. Like a Lily.”

Lily is a lifestyle blogger and youtuber however her Instagram is such a motivating and driving force. From study to healthy eating. From fashion to travel. Her feed is so captivating and aesthetic to any person and each post has the ability to inspire so many. She is a law and philosophy student and a large part of her Instagram is about uni life. I definitely would recommend chucking her a follow if you want some motivation with a marble and rose gold lining.



1. KALYN NICHOLSON – @kalynnicholson13
–> Inspiration<–

“Eat healthy, sleep well, breathe deeply, enjoy life.”

The internet is filled with millions of youtubers, bloggers and vloggers – many with a generous amount of exposure. However only a handful tend to stand out. For me personally – Kalyn Nicholson has stood out to as my number 1 favourite from when I first saw her videos in early 2016. Ever since then she has been my go to inspiration. From a healthy lifestyle to interior decor. From meal prep to budgeting. Everything she posts on any social media platform is personal and relatable. There is no barrier to her life, it’s almost as if you are living that moment with her. She invites her followers into her daily life and addresses all issues facing her and her audience together, such as mental health and self-care. This is most definitely why she is number one on my list.

Thats my top 5 influential instagrammers; hope you enjoyed this list!

Thank you for reading 🙂


4 Replies to “Top 5 Influential Instagram accounts to follow!”

  1. this blog post is great!I like that there’s just the right amount of writing and also the photos added suit the text well, overall it’s great, continue doing what you do 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how all those 5 people are so inspiring, especially the 5th one, which is the first one you’re talking about in the list. I just love knowing that there are people out there who love themselves despite all the flaws they have. And for that I can start appreciating myself more. Thank you for sharing this!


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